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New track out! Plus important news.

I’ve been thinking for a while and I’ve decided not to do Game Grumps remixes anymore. When I first made them, I saw it as something I’ve done for for fun, but now I feel like I HAVE to do them. I can’t really find joy in making them anymore. Before I made “Ooh Gosh Ooh Darn” I didn’t have much of a following. I only had about 200 subscribers. That quickly changed when I started making Game Grumps remixes. As much as I love the support and shoutouts from the Grumps themselves, I don’t want my channel to be a “Game Grumps Remix” Channel. I want to do my own thing now. Fan remixes and animations are cool, but I just don’t feel right when that’s a channel consists of. I feel that making fan content all the time is a cheap way to get a bunch of subscribers, no matter what the quality is. Staying in the Grump Circle makes it hard to grow. I don’t want people to know me as the “Guy who makes Game Grumps Remixes”. I’m going down my own path now. More original stuff from now on.

If you subscribed for Game Grumps, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I won’t be making anymore. But if you subscribed for oddboy18, I luuuuv u. :3

I’m working on a project that will take me a very long time to finish. I’m not going to say too much, but it’s a fully animated original series. That’s mainly why I haven’t been doing much lately. So know that I’m not dead. :3 

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